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Places to eat

Bistro Mariposa

Bistro Miriposa is a welcome edition to the culinary offerings at the wonderful Monarch Casino. They have taken the space and provided a wonderful atmosphere with thoughtful and fashionable architectural and stylish design cues. But the real star of the show here is the food. We started with the street corn which was authentic and wonderful with just the right amount of flavorings and spices, then we moved on to the oysters although slightly smaller than average their flavor was sublime and delicious.I had the chicken fajitas and my wife had the salmon both were excellent,cooked properly and the salmon melted in your mouth. We had the churros with three delectable sauces for dessert and washed it down with several cold Mexican beers. I have to say the overall presentation and experience was outstanding the entire weight staff as well as our personal waiter went above and beyond to make this a memorable evening. In summation ,if you find yourself seeking a brief respite from the hectic casino and crowds this is the oasis you have been looking for.

Similar Recommendations

Yeti’s Grind

Great Coffee Shop, glad they got this new outlet near my job, now I can enjoy close home in Vail and close to work in Edwards, the girls are getting the hang of it and are delivering awesome coffee for us the coffee lovers!!! Keep it up you rock

Places to eat

Broken Arrow

The Broken Arrow has a great breakfast burrito to start your day and the best cheeseburger at the area. You’ll have to choose of you prefer a hearty breakfast or lunch. In the springtime the patio is beautiful and often has live music. The perfect apres ski spot.

Places to eat

Café 163

Café 163 is definitely the best kept secret in this Valley! The food is delicious. You NEED to try their pancakes! But the most importantly their staff is amazing! We love Annie. She definitely makes that place even better! I can’t wait go go back there. Big bear crew loves you guys!

Places to eat

The Gashouse Restaurant

Such a great local restauarant! If you want a cool wilderness theme dining experience then look no further than the gashouse. we personally recommend the wild meat sampler for that extra kick of wilderness vibes

Places to eat

Mountain Fish House

We loved this place so much we came here twice during our short visit, and we stayed for HOURS. The food and the vibe are THAT good. We enjoyed everything we ate here (almost the whole menu), and the drinks were absolute perfection. My favorite was a bourbon cocktail I’ve only ever seen here – and I don’t even like bourbon. If you like seafood, this is the place to go!

Places to eat

The Rose

While on the road to Denver we found this place in google. Man, it is awesome! Food is served in small plates to share and is super fresh. This place had great food, service, music and environment!! Highly recommended!

Places to eat